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Dangerous diseases that come with the sun and hot weather.

Even though Thai people are very familiar with the 3 seasons in our country (summer, very hot, and very hot weather). We still have to be careful to protect ourselves from the strong sun. Let yourself get sunburned. until fainting and drought or have other serious illnesses. To

Causes of tooth decay.

Dentist added that Tooth decay is caused by food particles remaining in the gaps between the teeth. Or there is constant contact with the teeth from the food we eat. This causes the bacteria on the plaque to create acid that destroys the tooth surface. Until the tooth is


Vegetarian is not just about abstaining from meat menu. Because vegetarianism and vegetarianism have other differences that you should be aware of. Food that everyone eats and Vegetarian cannot eat both, including: There are many types of vegetarians, including:

Lard VS Vegetable Oil.

Vegetable oil is still safer and more beneficial than lard. But no matter what kind of oil it is Do not reuse oil. And after eating, you must exercise for good health .First, let’s understand the types of oil. What’s there? So what type of oil is in? 1. Transfat or trans fats. It

Surgery: Study The Risks Before Making A Decision.

Surgery: Study The Risks Before Making A Decision. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to plastic surgery for beauty that it has almost become a common sight. And still has a tendency to become more and more popular. But surgery has many risks that may

Use pimple removal pads. Is it really wide pores?

Use pimple removal pads. Is it really wide pores? imples make the skin around the nose uneven. see a black spot clogged within the pores scattered all over the area, looking at first glance like the skin of a strawberry lose confidence Many people turn to pimple removal pads. that just paste