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Vegetarian is not just about abstaining from meat menu. Because vegetarianism and vegetarianism have other differences that you should be aware of.

Food that everyone eats and Vegetarian cannot eat both, including:

  • Meat and food containing animal ingredients or meat such as fish sauce (fermented from fish), shrimp paste, crab sticks (contains fish meat)ทางเข้า ufabet

There are many types of vegetarians, including:

  1. Vegetarians can abstain from eating meat. and food containing animals as ingredients But you can eat animal products such as cow’s milk, chicken eggs, yogurt from cow’s milk, milk chocolate, etc.
  2. Pure vegetarianism or veganism (Vegan) is eating only vegetables, fruits, and plant products. Including supporting products produced from plants such as clothing, cosmetics, consumer products. To reduce animal encroachment as much as possible (But you can eat pungent vegetables. So it’s still not as strict as vegetarianism.)
  3. Raw Vegan is choosing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been cooked through heat. To preserve the full nutritional value (Some groups also choose to eat fruits that fall naturally from the trees.
  4. Macrobiotic Vegetarianism (Macrobiotic Diet) is choosing to eat fruits and vegetables that are grown locally. Do not use insecticides. or pesticides And do not abstain from meat 100%, but can eat it weekly. Emphasis on fish and seafood in appropriate quantities.