Surgery: Study The Risks Before Making A Decision.

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Surgery: Study The Risks Before Making A Decision.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to plastic surgery for beauty that it has almost become a common sight. And still has a tendency to become more and more popular. But surgery has many risks that may occur, such as scarring, unsatisfactory results, congestion or may be severe to the point of damage to certain organs, etc. Therefore, before Decided to undergo plastic surgery to change the appearance. Information about risks and complications. That may arise from surgery should study at UFABET.

Common risks and complications from plastic surgery

Any type of surgery or operation carries risks. Especially those with a history of vascular disease, lung disease, diabetes and obesity may be at risk for complications such as pneumonia. Stroke, heart attack, and blood clots in the legs or lungs higher than the average person. Smoking also increases the risk of developing health problems. and may slow down the wound healing.

Complications that common from surgery as follows:

  • Infection Even good self-care. After surgery can reduce the risk of infection. But infection is one of the most common complications of plastic with 2-4 percent of breast augmentation patients developing tissue inflammation from a bacterial infection. If the infection spreads, it can have serious consequences. Some people also need intravenous antibiotics to treat the infection.
  • Scar But scars from surgery can nuisance. Especially scars that are convex and red. 2-5 percent of people who undergo breast augmentation often face this problem.
  • personal dissatisfaction Most people are satisfied with the results. However, some people .Who have undergone may dissatisfied with their appearance. Some breast augmentation patients may experience unequal breasts on both sides. or misshapen breasts And some cases of cosmetic on the face may be dissatisfied with the appearance of the face after surgery.

Complications that common from surgery as follows:

  • Complications from anesthesia or general anesthesia The doctor may prescribe medication to suppress the patient’s pain during by using anesthesia or general anesthesia. This can lead to complications, for example, patients may experience confusion, dizziness, and trembling after recovering from general anesthesia. Lung infection may occur. have cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, and may have severe illnesses leading to death, etc.
  • Bleeding (Hematoma) may cause a large amount of blood to form a large, hard lump. This is most common in people who have had face lift and breast augmentation. But any type of surgery has a risk of developing this condition. The treatment may require surgery to drain the blood.
  • nerve damage after You may feel numbness and tingling. This may be caused by nerve damage. Most women who have breast augmentation experience a change in their sensory nerves, with 15 percent of those undergoing breast augmentation experiencing permanent numbness when touching their nipples.
  • Some organs are damaged. Liposuction may cause injury to the internal organs Because the doctor must use tools and equipment inserted into the body. Patients with such injuries may need additional. Especially Piercing the skin to insert the device into the body can be very dangerous and even fatal.

That common from surgery as follows

  • venous thromboembolism It is a condition in which platelets clump together clot in a vein. Which usually occurs in the legs If the blood clot separates and travels to the lungs, it results in a pulmonary embolism. Although such conditions are rare. But if it happens, it can be very dangerous and even fatal.
  • subcutaneous fluid Caused by lymph accumulation in the surgical skin area. This results in pain and swelling similar to a large blister. This complication can occur with any type. And it is most common in abdominal lift patients. Who may cause infection. The doctor may treat by using a needle to remove the lymph. But the aforementioned symptoms can recur again.
  • Bleeding. patients often lose blood during. And there may be bleeding inside the body after surgery. However, large amounts of blood loss can cause hypotension and even death.

However, if you find that you have pain, swelling, and fluid flowing from the wound or have other side effects while recovering. AfterShould see a doctor and receive treatment immediately. to prevent illnesses that are harmful to health and life

Before deciding to have surgery

For those who want to have Should take time to study information and understand the type of surgery that they are interested in. surgical procedures Details of professional standards of surgeons and standards of beauty salons, including risks that may arise from each type. You should also talk to your doctor to discuss your concerns. Doubts about and the expected results before deciding to have surgery to prepare for handling and reducing any risks that may occur